Tashfee’s ‘Shur’ on point!

A few months ago, Tashfee made history by becoming the first female artiste to be signed by ArtistSpread, joining the likes of Miles and Bappa Mazumder. With the release of her all-new single Shur, she is set to be the first artiste in Bangladesh to be featured in a ‘vertical’ music video for the same song. Vertical videos are now a worldwide phenomenon, and they are optimized for viewers to watch the videos full-screen on their smartphones vertically.The Daily Star caught up with the musical prodigyat the release of her single at The Westin Dhaka.

Tell us a little bit about your new single, Shur. What makes this song special?

Tashfee: Honestly, this is a song that is very close to my heart. I’ve done original songs before, but I feel like this is my first true single and I’m grateful to the composer, Shahrin Shahriar for making it so beautiful. The fact that an artiste like Romel Ali played the keyboard for this song is also a huge honor for me.

We’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about the music video of the song. Shed some light on that.

Tashfee: This is possibly the first vertically shot music video in Bangladesh. Vertical videos are all the rage right now, as you can see from Camilla Cabello’s Havana, Selena Gomez’s new Back to You and Travis Scott’s upcoming Watch. This is still a new format, and we wanted to introduce it to Bangladesh. The video was directed by Md Zakir Hossain from ‘Chitrokolpo’ and he did a fantastic job. It was shot at Nerdy Beans Café and the video drops sometime next week. Needless to say, I’m very excited!

Many have complained in the past about Bangladesh not having proper artist management. Do you think ArtistSpread has the potential to solve this problem?

Definitely. I am grateful to this platform for managing everything so well.The music that is produced here is not only distributed in Bangladesh, but internationally. All I have to concentrate on now is singing, and that is how it should be for an artiste.I’m also excited about the upcoming projects that I will be a part of, which involves a reputed international band. We will disclose that later this month!


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