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A few days ago, she proved what insiders of the Bangladeshi music industry already knew: she is here to stay and make a mark. She became the first female artist to become an ambassador of ArtistSpread, joining the likes of Miles and Bappa Mazumder. While Tashfee received her initial share of recognition through the ‘Wind of Change’ program on Gaan Bangla TV, she went on to headline numerous prestigious shows to etch her name in the minds of the audience. Star Showbiz presents an exclusive interview with the rising star, where she talks about her passion in music, her musical philosophy and much more!

What inspired you to do music? Do you have a specific genre?

I didn’t know I could sing about four years ago. A few of my friends invited me to a studio to jam for a choir group. That was the first time I heard “Oh you CAN sing” from amazing musicians present there, which worked as the biggest inspiration for me. From that moment I just continued singing. About genres, I don’t want to get labeled in any particular one. I always thought genre picking is a debate that is completely unnecessary. It creates boundaries in music, which is one language. But despite all the fancy philosophy, I do have some favorites; blues, jazz and soul are on the top of the list for me.

What do you think was the biggest turning point in your career?

When I was called to sing for Wind of Change in Gaan Bangla TV, it was huge for me so I would consider that as the biggest turning point. Performing with absolutely amazing musicians who are known globally and getting to experience their philosophy about music, how they compose and how they execute their plan was simply amazing. Not to mention that it was the first time I met many amazing musicians of Bangladesh as well. On Wind of Change Pre-Season 2 I was there as a choir manager which was an absolute challenge and honor for me as well.

ArtistSpread is a jointly owned music platform of Sony DADC and Creinse to distribute Bangladeshi artists and music content around the world. It is also a multiple global music distribution platform for Bangladeshi artists. They will be making Bangladeshi music available in all streaming, telco and download platforms and physical CD across the world. They also opened a wide array of opportunities in areas of live events, international and local collaborations which is a fantastic deal for any aspiring musician. They have already launched Miles and Bappa Mazumder from the band and solo categories respectively. I was honored to be the first female ambassador of this awesome initiative.

What do you like to do besides music? 

I cook, read, watch movies, write and hang out with my friends and family. I run an online food page called Munchkin Dhaka where I sell my “inventions” like beef and chicken pickle. I must say, it keeps me really busy (laughs).

Tell us about your current projects.

At the moment, I am working on my first very own single. It will be released globally from ArtistSpread and is directed by Moon bhaiya (Autumnal Moon). Even though there’s little pressure involved in the process, it feels absolutely amazing. I truly feel like I can finally do what I absolutely love doing. There are some surprises coming too. All I can say is that I have a busy year ahead of me.

What do you think have been the biggest achievements in your career yet?

I don’t intend to sound too philosophical, but one of my biggest achievements was the fact that I could believe in myself. I haven’t had the privilege to learn music in a conventional way, I never had an Ustaad to look up to and in all honesty, I never thought I’d be here where I am today. I believed in myself and stayed true to what I loved doing the most, which is singing, and it led me here. I am blessed to have my amazing family, friends and fans. So I think that’s my biggest achievement.

Do you have any message for your fans?

Our music industry is going through a huge change at the moment, and we are finally going global with our music. As a result, all of us need to be united and stay positive. Please keep supporting Bangladeshi artists and most importantly, keep an open mind. It’s finally time for us to rise and show the world what we can do!

Interviewed by Sadi Mohammad Shahnewaz


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