Kemone Bhulibo Ami (cover)

Ichche kore by Tashfee

Careless Whisper (cover)


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It all started just 4 years ago and before that I never knew that I could sing. This is strange because musicians usually come from backgrounds that are deeply ingrained in musical training. I just used to listen to songs I love and try singing them.

One day a friend of mine invited me to his studio where other musicians were also present. They listened and loved my voice so much that they wanted me to work with them. The belief they had in me shaped me as a full time singer and a musician. This is when it all began.

My first live performance was for a television channel in 2013 which was a tribute to Celine Dion. From then, there was no looking back. One of my biggest achievements so far is performing on the same stage as the legendary John McLaughlin at the International Jazz and Blues Festival 2015 along with my former band Blues Brothers. What an inspirational experience it was!  …… READ MORE >

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